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Volunteer with STAND

STAND is a volunteer nonprofit organization that puts together interdisciplinary teams of physical therapists, prosthetists, orthotists, general medical clinicians, and wound care specialists. These teams travel to one of the most low-income cities in Haiti, Port-de-Paix, where STAND's outpatient rehab clinic, prosthetics laboratory, and dormitory for volunteers are located. We treat anyone who walks through the door to the best of our abilities.

Teams consist of 15-25 professionals, and trips last one to two weeks. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to provide complete care and treat each patient effectively and efficiently in a way that no other group does. We have found manual therapy skills to be highly effective for this population, but we are also looking for variety in our practitioners. Collaboration between team members with diverse skills is what makes STAND teams so potent. 


We generally treat from sunup to sundown and then share skills and practice at night. Previous volunteers have coined these trips as both “manual therapy bootcamp” and “personal and professional growth with purpose.” Watch our volunteer video, and take a look at our STAND Fam gallery to get a feel for the clinic from the inside.

Volunteer Video

Join us in Haiti

We are currently recruiting physical therapists, prosthetists, orthotists, and general medical practitioners. If this is you...

Upcoming Trips to Haiti:

  • October 11-20, 2019

  • October 18-27, 2019

  • January 31- February 9, 2020

  • February 7-16, 2020

Get Involved Stateside

There are many ways to be a part of STAND from your home. We have created teams of dedicated volunteers willing to take on tasks and responsibilities in several important areas. If you have skills to share or are eager to learn, please don’t hesitate to join a team!

  • Fundraising

  • Social Media

  • Outreach

  • Analytics

  • Resources/Materials

  • Volunteer Communication

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STAND Fam Gallery

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