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Our Mission: Establishing permanent access to  rehabilitative services in Haiti through patient care and clinical training of its citizens

About Us

Sustainable Therapy and New Development

STAND's mission is to establish permanent access to orthopedic rehabilitative services in the country of Haiti through direct patient care and clinical training of Haitian citizens.

We envision a Haiti with a network of sustainably run  treatment centers that specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation. These facilities will be operated by STAND trained Haitian clinicians and serve the country's citizens by providing accessible & consistent care.

The people of Haiti lead very physical lives, which require them to be active and strong. Physically demanding lives and limited access to healthcare lead to many orthopedic and neurological
injuries that keep people from being able to work, feed their families, and participate in their communities.


However, these injuries are very amenable to treatment through physical therapy and related services. Our clinic provides the Port-de-Paix area with physical therapy for adults and children, wound care, limb loss rehabilitation, prosthetics fabrication and training, as well as health education. STAND focuses specifically on functional rehabilitation, allowing the people of Port-de-Paix to return to physical activity, their jobs, and their way of life.

STAND Sustainability Update

STAND Sustainability Update

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